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Consolidated Analytics Onboards All-Star Valuation Leadership Team

-New leadership team will Prioritize Valuation Partner Relations, Customer Experience, and Innovation-

Consolidated Analytics, Inc. today announced that it has strengthened its leadership team for its property valuation and analytics division, which includes appraisals, hybrid appraisals, BPO’s, reviews, reconciliations, and data-driven valuation solutions. The company expanded its team to include four new executive leaders with extensive knowledge and experience developing innovative and tech-enabled valuation products and building a next gen valuation operational process. The onboarding of the new executive leadership team comes at a time when the valuation department is experiencing record volumes of valuation orders and projecting 40% year-over-year growth.

Under the leadership of Brian Gehl, President and Founder, the following individuals, each with 20+ years of industry experience, join Consolidated Analytics to develop and execute on transformational strategies that will improve employee, client, and valuation partner experiences: Chris McLain joins as Senior Vice President, Valuations; Jeff Rauland as Chief Appraiser; Lisa Stratton joins as Vice President, Operations and Strategy; and Jeanette Mills as Director, Valuations and Client Experience.

“We have hired an all-star team of property valuation experts, which translates to strategic investments in operations, vendor relations, product innovation, and technology-enablers, said President, Brian Gehl. “As we grow, the focus of this team will be to ensure an exceptional user experience for our property valuation partners and clients.”

The new leadership team will use their collective wisdom and experience to develop highly effective, modern, and metric-driven operational improvements across the following four areas:

· Valuation Partner Relations– Significant efforts are underway to bolster our valuation partner relationships, to increase engagement and communication, and provide tools and resources to strengthen property valuation quality.

· Customer Experience– Deliver smarter, faster, and better service to the customer is central to the team’s overall objectives, including ensuring speed-to-service through operational optimization and delivering product and service bundles that add value beyond utility.

· Tech-Enablement and Innovation– The company and the team are ramping up investments in technology to develop differentiated and unconventional products that capture nuances and trends influencing house market performance and impacting lending, servicing, or portfolio strategy.

“The Consolidated Analytics team has an insatiable appetite for operational and solution excellence,” said Chris McLain, senior vice president. “On behalf of the new leadership team, we are incredibly excited that Consolidated Analytics is a growth-ready company, always looking for a better way, and eager to embrace change.”


About Consolidated Analytics, Inc.
Consolidated Analytics ( provides the real estate finance industry with an end-to-end mortgage services platform that delivers value to its customers, from asset-level analyses through enterprise-wide optimization. By harnessing the power of data and technology —and by tapping into the expert insights of our multidisciplinary team— we help forward-thinking companies unlock loan and operational quality, efficiency, and performance.

Consolidated Analytics serves clients in mortgage lending, servicing, and capital markets with solutions for due diligence, valuation, advisory and consulting, and business process services (BPS).



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