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New FAA rules for Drones are now in effect

Appraisers can soar to new heights with drone technology.

Drones are changing the world!!! Imagine flying a remote controlled multi-rotor copter in the morning and by the afternoon producing an exact 3D-model replica that can be rotated and turned so that every angle and every side can be observed. What if you could produce aerial pictures of properties with such accuracy that you know exactly how big each window or door is. How would your clients feel if that model could be used as a foundation for renovations or additions? With the correct software and the right tools, traditional methods of inspections are being replaced by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, give appraisers the ability to have access to places that were once considered to be too costly or risky. It’s amazing how the same technology used in cell phones could be re-engineered to control multi-rotor aircraft. With the new FAA rules and regulations going into effect on August 29, 2016, the pathway for the commercialization of drones will be clear. Businesses have been examining the benefits of incorporating this technology and are waiting until the unmanned rules, Part 107 have been approved.

My name is Lamar H. Ellis, III, MAI, SRA, I am a leading educator on drone technology from Atlanta, Georgia. Back in the summer of 2014, a news report on privacy infringement using drones changed my life. Upon seeing all aspects of a home from the drone’s point of view, I was hooked. My 25 years of experience as a real estate appraiser did not prepare me for what I was able to see.   I created an initial four-hour seminar entitled “Drone Technology and Its Impact on the Appraisal Industry” to present to the Atlanta Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. The seminar has continued to develop with the changing regulatory climate and current and future applications of the technology.  Whether the attendees are appraisers, attorneys, insurers, power companies, remediation companies, broadcasters or other real estate entities, each seminar is tailored to the industry presented.

In order to obtain firsthand knowledge of the technology, I collaborated with Roman Molla of FlyWorx, an Atlanta based drone company. FlyWorx supplied many of the videos and pictures that are presented in the seminar. Since 2014, I continue to consult with drone companies across the nation. Their experiences, photography and videography are continually incorporated into the seminar. Representatives of the FAA have attended the seminars and I consult with them for clarification of rules and regulations along with industry concerns.

Drone seminars have been presented in 12 states since 2014 and are currently contracted to be presented in eight more before the end of the 2016. Each seminar begins with an Introduction to drone technology followed by the evolution of the industry from 1794 – present day, and finally the current rules and regulations of both federal and state jurisdictions. Based on the amount of time reserved, the seminar is then tailored to the audience. There is an abundance of videos and photographs imbedded into the presentation to assist in the learning process and keep attention. By the end of the seminar, the attendees will understand the necessary steps to be able to utilize aerial technology in business practice. Whether you decide to fly or intend to hire someone to fly for you, you will leave the seminar with the knowledge to fly safely and within the context of the rules.

The seminars have been well received and well attended. If you would like additional information please check out Be sure to like the page so that you will receive updates on future seminars and the direction of the unmanned aerial industry. You can also visit Seminars are booking fast, check to see if a seminar will be located near you.

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About Lamar H. Ellis III

Lamar H. Ellis III
Lamar H. Ellis, III is from Atlanta, Georgia and holds the prestigious MAI and SRA designations with the Appraisal Institute. He is also an approved instructor. Lamar was an early adopter of Drone Technology for real estate. He is a current holder of an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot of Small UAS certificate. From the first day he became aware of drones he realized the impact on valuation and a way for appraisers to use it in their practices. He is a consultant, published author, speaker and blogger for drone technology and its applications to real estate.

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