Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, It is Time for New Forms!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made an industry changing announcement regarding the updates of the Uniform Appraisal Dataset and uniform appraisal reporting forms on May 22ndAccording to Fannie Mae, they hope the new forms will align with the industry-standard MISMO Reference Model Version 3.X and overhaul the uniform appraisal forms to establish a more flexible, dynamic structure for appraisal reporting.

Julie Jones with Fannie Mae and Scott Reuter with Freddie Mac will be presenting at Valuation Expo on October 1stat 8:30 am during the Keynote Session.  Julie and Scott will be saving time for a Q&A which is the perfect opportunity for Appraisers to get the most information possible. This is your chance to be a part of the change and make your voice known.

Fannie and Freddie foresee the update in stages throughout each quarter of 2018 and 2019. After reaching out to stakeholders, they will be going to the sources for feedback. They want to hear the thoughts of Appraisers, AMCs, industry groups, trade associations and government departments.

This 4-hour presentation will also host William Black, and Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri – Kansas. Mr. Black has a wide range of experience in financial loans for the housing market. As a former regulator, Mr. Black will share his expertise and focus on some hard-hitting questions like, “Is another housing crisis possible?”

For 15 years, Valuation Expo has been home to the largest Valuation tradeshow. We are proud to be featuring speakers who present the attendees with key topics, trends and current news. Each exhibitor is ready to show off their product through live demos and the attendees use expo as an opportunity to network and grow their business. October 1st-3rdwe are heading back to Las Vegas to host the 15thAnniversary of Valuation Expo.

The success of Valuation Expo continues to grow. Our past attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and presenters are always eager to return. But every event is different.  Each expo hosts new presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and of course, attendees. This year, our CE Sessions are unlike any other before. Full of engagement led presentations, Q&A and attendee/speaker interaction.

We are particularly excited to host Julie Jones with Fannie Mae and Scott Reuter with Freddie Mac as they give ValExpo a first-hand chance to learn about their new forms. Do not miss out on this session, register for Valuation Expo now. To learn more about the ValExpo schedule and see who else will be attending visit our website.

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