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First American Division Moves Key Data Access to the Cloud

First American Data & Analytics, a provider of property and ownership data and advanced analytic solutions, says it has joined the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

The availability of curated property information from First American Data & Analytics in the Snowflake Data Marketplace makes it easier for a broader set of data consumers in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, including fintech and proptech clients, to leverage the company’s property and ownership data set to drive advanced insights, reduce risk, build new analytics and power innovation.

First American’s cloud delivery capabilities, via the Snowflake Data Marketplace, provides customers direct and near real-time access to several uniquely curated, comprehensive data packages derived from First American’s property information assets, reducing the time, cost and overall effort of data acquisition. In addition to cloud capabilities, First American data as a service (Daas) offerings include delivery through API, bulk licensing and advanced data solutions.

“Fintech and proptech companies are increasingly sourcing, aggregating, enriching and consuming their data in the cloud through innovative platforms like Snowflake,” says Chris Flynn, vice president, division business director, at First American Data & Analytics. “By moving access to the cloud, we are meeting our clients where they want to work with our data, so they always have the latest, most up-to-date data at their disposal.”

The First American data packages available on Snowflake aid users in quickly turning data into insights with real property information, including property tax information, robust deed and mortgage history, homeowner’s association (HOA), automated valuations and geographic trended data, provided in linked data assets. Through data enrichment services on the Snowflake Data Marketplace, users also have the ability to comingle their own information with First American assets fueling advanced insights and competitive advantages for their businesses.

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