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First Annual Ohio Credit Union Appraisal Scholarship Award

CU Appraisal ServicesDayton, OH (June 17, 2016)— 
CU Appraisal Services is pleased to announce Jenna Steiner as the first recipient of the OCAP • Ohio Credit Union Appraisal Scholarship. The Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (OCAP) board set the selection criteria and application process. This scholarship was established by CU Appraisal Services, on behalf of their Ohio credit union partners, to assist with appraisal education, apprenticeship and professional development.

Ms Steiner is currently working full time as a registered appraisal assistant to Russel Matz, in Ashland, Ohio, and is working toward her residential certification. Completing her general certification is her ultimate goal. “I am in this for the long haul,” she said, “I see the appraisal industry changing and shaping before my eyes: I see it becoming a true profession where I can both make a decent living and enjoy what I do.”

Gerald Station, a licensed appraiser in Bellville, Ohio, supported Ms. Steiner’s nomination by saying, “Jenna is an asset to the appraisal industry, not only because she is a relatively young person entering a field that is aging, but also because of her level of professionalism and her commitment to community.” Her mentor, Russell Matz added, “She is a very intelligent individual grasping the appraisal concepts with a great degree of thoroughness and is extremely capable of quality appraisal work.”
“We wanted to find a way to support appraisers who hire and mentor apprentices,” said Ron Stickelman, Executive Chairman of CU Appraisal Services, “the cost and requirements of an appraisal education are significant. We hope this scholarship will lighten the load for the apprentice and the appraiser, and encourage other appraisers to support industry growth by making the choice to mentor an apprentice.”

The award was presented June 15 at the OCAP Summer Seminar, in Columbus, Ohio. The OCAP board will select a recipient for this $1200 scholarship each year for the next five years. Guy Wesselkamper, President of OCAP, said, “We welcome this support from our partner CU Appraisal Services and hope this is a sign that other mortgage partners will embrace. Today is an excellent day for the appraisal profession.”

The Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (OCAP) is a professional organization of appraisers practicing in the state of Ohio. The mission of OCAP is to act as an independent advocate for appraisers and to promote knowledge and public trust in the appraisal profession.

CU Appraisal Services is a CUSO (credit union service organization) that supports smart lending decisions by providing credit unions with timely, credible and reliable real estate appraisals and valuations. They maintain appraiser independence by managing the mortgage appraisal process and mitigating risk for credit unions across the country. Company management is composed of mortgage industry veterans—appraisers, bank and credit union executives, and real estate agents—experts who understand the complete picture. CU Appraisal Services is working to strengthen the appraisal industry by supporting the competency of the appraisal profession, paying fair fees, and actively developing strategies to address the decline in appraisers, nationwide.


Jamie Sharp, VP Marketing



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