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Fitch Bumps Rushmore Mortgage Servicer Ratings

Rushmore Loan Management Services says Fitch Ratings has upgraded its U.S. RMBS servicer ratings in three categories: U.S. primary prime servicer (RPS1-, up from RPS2), U.S. primary prime subservicer (RPS1-, up from RPS2) and U.S. special servicer (RSS1-, up from RSS2), all with stable outlooks.

According to the report from Fitch, the upgraded ratings “reflect the company’s diligent response to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on servicing operations, an effective enterprise-wide risk environment and compliance management system, competitive loan servicing performance metrics and strong servicing technology.”

Additionally, Fitch noted that “Rushmore promotes a continuous improvement culture across the business, investing in significant technology enhancements and operational improvements.”

“These upgraded ratings speak to the quality of our servicing platform and the strength of our processes, operations, and technology,” says Rushmore CEO Terry L. Smith. “The ratings also underscore the tremendous efforts of our team to provide the highest levels of service to our customers and clients every day.”

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