Focus on FHA Minimum Property Requirements

In today’s Buzz we sit down with Adrian Allen, Product Manager for McKissock to discuss the exclusive pre-conference class offered by McKissock at Valuation Expo in Chicago on March 18th. The class, FOCUS ON FHA MINIMUM PROPERTY REQUIREMENTS is being taught by the highly rated instructor Dale Shea on March, 18, 2019. We sat down with Adrian to find out more about this special class being offered and why it is important information that every appraiser should know.

Buzz: We are very excited to be teaming up with McKissock to offer this pre-conference course at Valuation Expo. Since appraisers have been utilizing the HUD’s Single-Family Housing Policy handbook for several years now, how is this course going to help them further understand the 4000.1?

Adrian: When Handbook 4000.1 came out in 2015, we wrote a course that was primarily intended to familiarize appraisers with the publication, because it was brand-new at that time. Now that appraisers have become somewhat familiar with Handbook 4000.1, we created this new course with much more useful information, including many photographs and discussion problems that help appraisers apply the requirements of the Handbook to real-life appraisal situations. Our intent is to go beyond the knowledge level and make it to the application level.

Buzz: Tell us a little more about the differences between the original class and this new class offering

Adrian: Appraisers responded very well to our previous course on Handbook 4000.1, and they asked us to take it to the next level. They wanted something that answers their questions about specific situations they might encounter in real life. For example, what does an appraiser do when they discover that the subject property is situated on a private road; or when the subject property is located adjacent to a gas station? Applying the requirements of Handbook 4000.1 to real-life appraisal situations is what this course is all about.

Buzz: We understand that live CE sessions, such as this, are more often preferred by appraisers.  Can you explain this further?

Adrian: Yes, interaction and conversation happen in all our classroom courses and it’s one of the main reasons that people sign up for in-person classes. Live courses are a great way to meet other appraisers, trade best-practices and war stories, interact with the instructor, and create a closer community of appraisers.

Buzz: Would you recommend this course more for seasoned appraisers, or appraisers who are just starting out in the field?

Adrian: Both experienced and newer appraisers are going to get a large amount of information out of this class. Practicing FHA Roster appraisers will get more practical information out of this course, but they are not the only ones who will benefit. FHA loans are a huge part of the residential real estate market in most areas of the country. Simply put, there is a lot of FHA appraisal business out there. If an appraiser is just starting out and is not on the FHA Roster at this time, the course will help them make an informed choice as to whether they might want to perform FHA appraisals at some point in the future, and be better prepared for when they do.

Buzz: Before we conclude this Q&A, is there anything you would like to add?

Adrian: Yes, definitely – everyone should know about our Unlimited Learning Membership Premium. As a premium member you get unlimited access to all CE courses (live classroom, online, or webinar). In addition, these members get free access to our monthly Pro-Series webinars, our appraisal community discussion forum, a library of useful content like videos, job aids, and checklists, and access to our industry partner benefits.  These benefits include discounts on products and additional profession-related resources as well. In fact, if you’re a member and attending the Valuation Expo, you can attend the 4-hour CE course McKissock is offering for free. At just $399 per year with a 2-year commitment, it’s a huge value!

Buzz: There is still time for people to register to attend this course. Register now and take advantage of this special offer for CE and networking.



About Adrian Allen

Adrian Allen
Adrian is the new product manager with McKissock Learning. He has a hand in planning our live courses, Pro-Series webinars, and managing the course library. Stop by the McKissock booth at Valuation Expo to say hello.

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