Giving Thanks

It may be a little cliché to think about what we are thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday, but in current society, we are constantly “doing” and rarely just sitting, thinking, and reflecting. Actively taking time to think about what we are grateful for helps us to pause and acknowledge our hard work. From all the members of the Allterra Group and the Appraisal Buzz team, we want to express how grateful we are for this amazing group of appraisers.

Members of the appraisal community also took time to express what they are thankful this season.

Lori Alexandra  – I’m just thankful I wake up every morning and am healthy.

Nadia Bruce – Thankful for everything under the SUN. Everything!!!

Colby Hutton – I am thankful for a daily affirmation that my choice of career was correct. Nothing beats setting your own schedule and making time to walk the kids to and from school every day. There will come a point where they get too old to want me to go with them and I will look back on this time with great joy that I was able to be with them every day.

Anthony Blackburn – From a professional perspective, I’m thankful for the diversity of my job and colleagues and their opinions and insights. Anyone can work 9 to 5 in a factory. My day brings me something new and interesting with each assignment or project.

Paul Diaz – I am thankful that I received a kidney transplant on 10/26/17. Just 3 weeks ago and this was my first week back to work with 8 jobs this week. Healthy and finally feeling great after 2 years of dialysis.

Susan Marie Lee – I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food on my table, and the wheels under me that enable me to go out and serve the public as an honest Residential Real Estate Appraiser. I am thankful for the love and support of my friends and family taking this journey called life with me. Carpe Diem!

Cathy Simmons – I am thankful for everything this career has given me. I love puzzles and each assignment is one. Some are easy, some are ridiculously hard. However, they are never the same. I have not been bored for 27 wonderful years.

Sandra Adomatis – I am thankful for a mentor that taught me appraisal methodology as found in the textbooks. He always made me prove my adjustments and research each sale including talking to someone involved in the transaction. I am thankful for a profession that allows me to make a living.

John Merzlock – I am 73 and have completed over 10,000 reports since1973. I have enjoyed the ups/downs of the ride. I have been going to retire for the past 2 1/2 years but the phone keeps ringing and I keep saying, “YES”.

Don Clark – I am thankful that i have the privilege of working in a profession I truly enjoy. I have worked at many things in my life: 20 years in the USN, District Director/management Consultant for a real estate franchise network, Broker, Sales person, real estate and appraisal educator. I have enjoyed them all, liked them all, and now, finally settled in Professional Real Estate Appraisal. I am thankful for the great care I received most recently in 2 separate hospitalizations, the great medical professionals who put me on the road to recovery. And, most of all, for my family.

Thank you all for sharing what you are grateful for in 2017. Please share below what you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


About Carol Trice

Carol Trice
Carol Trice | Director of Quality and Review Services for Clarocity, Inc. Carol Trice has over 30 years of real estate appraising experience, including 11 years in commercial valuation. Carol earned the MAI designation in 1990 but resigned in good standing when her career shifted from the commercial area to residential valuation in the late 1990’s. With the switch to residential valuation, Carol owned and operated Trice Appraisal based in Charlotte, NC. A relocation to FL brought Carol to Bank of America as a staff appraiser and team lead. After 5 years, Carol spent the next 8 years with Hudson Advisors/Caliber Home Loans, Inc. managing the capital markets and servicing valuation department. Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is a mortgage servicer specializing in default products owned by a private equity fund. Carol Trice is a Certified General Appraiser in Texas and a Certified Residential Appraiser in Florida.

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