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Help Shape Appraisal Policies in DC

The appraisal industry is constantly trying to stay abreast of trends by changing to be faster, better, and cheaper. This “Iron Triangle” will be discussed as ways to “reengineer the appraisal process,” but what do these policy makers deliberate when they are discussing specific problems? Whose input is being taken into consideration when coming to these better solutions?

Come join us on July 17th in Reston, VA for a one of a kind innovative conference, Collateral Matters. This year for the first time ever, discussions are open to all stakeholders about real estate valuations and collateral risk. From updating risk policies to using artificial intelligence technology, these discussions will be led by participants representing the different steps in appraisal development. These discussions will be insightful looks into each phase, and they will also demonstrate how each process handles specific problems, and the exact solutions that belong to each. See policy making in action with fellow industry professionals about the ways to innovate and improve your company. We are committed to representation and transparency, so we invite you to take a look behind the curtain to learn more about the Collateral Risk Network!

Importance of Collateral Valuations: Art Lindo, Federal Reserve Board taking place on Wednesday, 1 pm to 1:30 pm. This discussion will include the Federal Reserve Board discussing the importance of collateral valuation to prudential regulators, future interest rates, and much more. It’s an absolute honor to have this speaker join us!

Who Puts the V in LTV: Melissa Stegman of Center for Responsible Lending taking place on Wednesday, 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm. This discussion will be centered around the importance of the confidence the consumer needs when understanding collateral valuation. This will focus on homebuyers and how this life-changing investment should be made with the utmost knowledge and certainty. Take control into your hands and make sure you stay for this!

Collateral Matters will be an insightful and gaining experience for all interested in the Collateral Risk Network. The discussions from the varying perspectives will be a one-of-a-kind experience that will be focused on solutions-based experiences. Come learn and network with fellow industry professionals, as well as potential clients. Don’t let this unique opportunity pass by!

Still want more? Come out a day early (July 16th) and be a part of the Compliance Workshop! On this day, there will be a presentation from the appraisers of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae about modernization of the appraisal process, as well as several discussions including quality control, 3rd party oversight, and more! We hope you join these solution-driven conversations and see for yourself what the Collateral Risk Network can do for you and your company throughout the entire mortgage process. CLICK HERE to see the full agenda and CLICK HERE to reserve your seat.



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