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The Fall edition of the Appraisal Buzz Magazine should be arriving at your doorstep any day now! This magazine focuses on the changes our economy faces today and how it may affect the appraisal industry. Topics such as Blockchain, tax reform, and hybrid appraisals are all discussed by some of the key leaders in the valuation profession.

Here is a sneak peek into a few of the articles…

Tax Reform and What to Expect
David Demello with HouseCanary points out where, when, and how the new tax reform will affect you.

“There were three different changes to the tax deductions that are tied to housing and homeownership, and those three changes are going to affect different homeowners and investors with different assets in different parts of the country in different ways…”

Hybrid Appraisal and Other Life-Altering Events

John Brenan, Director of Appraisal Issues for The Appraisal Foundation discusses the changes the industry can expect to see.

“Not all of us are resistant to change. Indeed, some appraisers see these new types of assignments as real opportunities…” 

Blockchain Technology, Data You Can Trust
Ernie Durbin, Chief Valuation Officer at Clarocity breaks down the basics of Blockchain

“Technology advances will eventually solve some of the weaknesses of Blockchain and overtime, Blockchain will change the way we do business…”

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