How is Technology Growing to Help Appraisers?

Keith Ellis, COO of Anow, has been a leader in the technology industry for over three decades. As one of our highest rated speakers, Anow webinars attract the largest and most engaging crowds! We recently interviewed Keith Ellis to find out the importance of his upcoming webinar titled, “Your Office in the Palm of Your Hand.”

Buzz: Keith, thank you for joining us today. Before we get started, please explain your history in the appraisal industry and how it eventually crossed into technology as well.

Keith: I’m the Chief Operating Officer of perhaps the most innovative software company in the appraisal world, Anow. Most of my day is talking with independent appraisers or large firms about how they can use technology to simplify their lives and improve their efficiency, but we also talk about how appraisers want to transform their industry. I spend a lot of my time listening to how appraisers want to use tech because so much of what we’re going to talk about simply requires rethinking how appraisers could be using technology. I will also present to maybe 1,000 appraisers this month in webinars like this one or others that we do with partners such as ASA, NAA, and BAREA. Yes, I have a whole alphabet soup of degrees and sit on a bunch of boards, but frankly, a lot of appraisers here likely do as well.

Buzz: Why should appraisers attend this webinar?

Keith: The challenge for appraisers is they only have time to sell, however, appraisers can’t inventory time for future use.  It comes down to maximizing field time, minimizing travel time, and looking forward at the amount of time to do orders.  This discussion is all about the mobile tools that appraisers need in the field to be astonishingly effective.

Buzz: In what ways do you believe technology is growing to be more consumer or client-centric?

Keith: The world has changed and our expectations of service are now driven by what we witness in other industries. Take the experience we expect of Uber, or the instant nature of Amazon, or booking appointments online, or how the digital mortgage is changing the lending experience: this is what consumers now expect to receive as a service level from appraisers. In fact, consumers are increasingly vocal on social media when they don’t get pristine customer care. This is not a trend or fad – it’s a reality which sets out a look at what the future must be in appraising. In the appraiser world, there is a need to deliver on this client centric world through mobile solutions and technology so the appraiser can deliver on a higher level of customer experience, but it also must be done without creating a lot of administrative cost.

Buzz: In what ways do you believe evolving technology is growing to be more business-centric?

Keith: If the past was the report writer, the future is the end-to-end process of appraising. One piece of technology doing such a narrow task (e.g. report writing) is not “automation” or even “productive,” it’s just what was available for the past 20 years. The future is about how appraisers should band together and work to change the end-to-end process and bring a superior experience and quality to their customers. At Anow, we are focused on how to empower appraisers.

Buzz: Can you elaborate on the specific misconceptions appraisers encounter when new technology is brought into the process?

Keith: Every new technology introduced brings an element of change and learning curve. We invest tremendous resources into our support desk and our responsiveness is world-class as a result. We also invest into training and our online learning tools, but candidly, it’s on the vendors, like ourselves, to get the appraisers the tools they need to feel comfortable. The misconception is frustration” and that might be an odd thing to say, but too often appraisers are alone with their frustration in trying to adapt to change. They don’t need to be alone in adopting technology as they partner with Anow – there is a little green smiley face on the screen:  push it, and a minute or so later someone is helping them.

Buzz: What other information can we expect from this upcoming webinar?

Keith: I want to showcase some very interesting technology, but we also need to focus on practical tactics and the use of mobile tools to reduce cost and improve the work file.  This is the heart of an efficient appraisal operation; whether you are a larger shop or one person independent, it really all comes back to feeling the work is being efficiently completed.  Let’s focus on giving people some great ideas in these areas.

Buzz: Thank you for your answers and I really look forward to your webinar on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 1:00 PM ET. Register here for this incredible webinar before the room fills up!



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