Importance of Video for Self-Branding in Real Estate

By Roy Meyer

Importance Of Videos

When it comes to real estate we all know the most important selling feature is location, location, location. However, you can’t get to the point of showing clients any type of real estate without having those clients in the first place. Whether you’re focused on buyers, sellers or both, you first have to attract those potential target market members.

Before you sell real estate, you have to sell your brand – you. As competitive as the market is it is crucial to get a leg up on the competition. It’s no longer about billboards, wrapping your car or networking at your local BNI group. These days, it’s about exposure on the internet and not just social networking.

  • Did you know that video currently ranks nearly 53 times quicker than a website?
  • Simply put, if you’re not already using video to create and promote your brand, you’re missing out. Not missing out a little. Missing out like the longer you put it off the more likely you are to go out of business and get left behind in the dust!

    If you aren’t yet using video, your competition probably is or will be soon. Stop complaining about not having enough solid leads and loyal clients. Start changing that by using video to lure those leads and clients in.

    So what’s so important about video when establishing your professional brand? Here are just a few reasons video is King when it comes to helping you Stand Out from your competition.

    • People are more likely to work with someone they feel they already know, like and trust. Before you can meet in person, this is the best way possible to enable people to feel they are getting to know you.
    • It gives you an opportunity to personally engage with your target audience before ever meeting them in person.
    • Because potential clients are often leery of anyone who they classify as a “sales person,” this gives you a chance to let them see the real you. Warm them up beforehand so they can see you aren’t just a pushy sales person who fits that annoying stereotype.

    One of the best ways to begin using video to develop your brand is by including a welcome video on your website. Potential clients check out different real estate agent’s websites before getting serious about buying or selling. They visit the site to learn about you, your real estate firm, and to see available listings. This is the prime opportunity to have a meet and greet by letting them first see your welcome video. From there as they look at other parts of your website they’ll feel as if they’ve already met you. Plus, it gives you an edge over other realtors who’ve neglected to take advantage of this strategy on their own website.

    From there you can move on to your own video blog. People are more likely to be engaged with a blog where they can watch videos as opposed to just reading text. Make it personable and fun, but still professional. You should update your video blog on a regular basis, weekly if possible. The blog can be about anything related to real estate. Help people get a feel for the area if they may be moving from another area. Give tips on how to increase curb appeal when selling a home. Make your videos interesting, engaging and not too lengthy; usually less than 3 minutes long.

    If people feel your video blog offers value, such as advice, marketing tips, etc. they’re likely to feel grateful and check back regularly. Posting your videos on multiple online video directories can help as well. You Tube is, of course, the most important site to park your videos.

    Place your videos on your individual page, homepage of your real estate firm, sites you cross promote with, social media sites, and anywhere else you can think of. Get creative and use video to not only market your listings but also to market and brand yourself. Once you get started you’ll find using video is much easier than you thought and it will become one the most important weapons in your marketing arsenal.

    Conclusion: Using video to brand yourself and market your business may be the single most important strategy you use moving forward in order to be successful. If you’re at all considering using video in your business then you might also consider bringing on a VA to help out! Your VA’s can handle the creation, editing, distribution and marketing of your videos. They can also manage your YouTube channel and manage your videos with social media outlets as well. Take the leap of faith and get started today!

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