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Inside eXp Realty’s stunning growth


Glenn Sanford cuts a modest figure. Nope, wait, eXp Realty‘s Glenn Sanford isn’t cutting any real life figure at all.

It’s annual report time, and Sanford, the CEO of eXp, is cataloging the company’s eye-popping growth onscreen as a cartoon avatar during a cloud-based earnings call that looks like Second Life or The Sims.

Since Sanford found the company in 2008, most everything eXp (the name is because Sanford once looked in a dictionary and liked “exp” words – expert, expand, exponential…) is over the cloud. Here’s a residential real estate brokerage that owns no property, has no franchisees or branches, and leases nary an office save its Bellingham, Washington headquarters.  

Sim Sanford is small amid a huge, animated podium, and also offers small, pointed assertions. Instead of vowing exceptionalism (an “exc” word), Sanford wants eXp to fit in.

“Our model is now recognized as a totally viable and legitimate model for the entire industry,” Sanford said on the March 11 call.

In a phone interview days later, Sanford again is low-key. He politely answers questions like a local that’s giving directions, chalking up eXp’s profitability swing to “slight tweaks” in the business model.

But eXp has actually been on a rampage.

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