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Interview with Joan Trice, Founder of Valuation Expo

The premiere appraisal conference for appraisers is right around the corner. At Valuation Expo, you will hear from some high-profile speakers from every corner of the industry to bring you a fresh new and inspiring view of the profession. Joan Trice, Founder of Valuation Expo, shares her experience and some advice for appraisers.

Buzz: Joan, thanks for taking the time out to visit with us about Valuation Expo. Tell us why you started Valuation Expo.

Trice: Sure thing. First and foremost, it was out of fear. I know it sounds counterintuitive but I found myself in a new town, with a new house and suddenly without a job. The Appraisal Buzz newsletter was cruising along but it became apparent pretty quickly that I could not make the mortgage payment based upon advertising revenue alone. So without knowing what I was about to get into, within 90 days of my epiphany, I had booked a hotel and was headlong into the fray. Let me be the first to say I had no idea what I was doing. A lot of it was dumb luck.

Buzz: Oh come on Joan, no one takes on that kind of risk for the fun of it.

Trice: Here is what I knew at my core. I knew appraisers needed to interact with their clients. I knew clients did a poor job of communicating with their vendors. I wanted to help make those connections. I had confidence in that. And Eureka, it worked! I wanted to make Valuation Expo the place where networking happens. Expo is exciting because business is being transacted. If you cannot return home with multiple new clients, then you are doing something wrong. The worst that can happen is you make new friends and gain 14 hours of CE. That is a simple cost benefit analysis.

Buzz: Rumor has it business is tapering off for many as interest rates rise and the refinance market is tightening. How will that impact Valuation Expo?

Trice: Actually this is our sweet spot. Our greatest challenge is finding the equilibrium between when appraisers are too busy or too broke to attend. We are always held captive by market forces beyond our control. And that is of course the cyclical world of real estate.

Buzz: So what is your advice to appraisers?

Trice: Just come to Valuation Expo. After your first Expo, you will be hooked. We have folks who are loyal attendees. Mike Manganaro has been to every single one! I met Cindy and Joe Zazzetti. They attend, regardless of the coast. Check out our video that captures a lot of first time attendees and their experience.

There really is no better opportunity to expand your client base. With the refinance business contracting, it is the right time to diversify your client base. And it is always a good thing to meet your peers and share ideas on how to be more efficient or learn about new tools. Our trade show floor offers loads of opportunities.

And be sure to introduce yourself to me. I cannot remember everyone’s name but I do enjoy spending time chatting with appraisers from all over the country. See you in Orlando at the Caribe Royale, on March 18th-20th. Don’t forget to book your hotel rooms now! Our group rate expires March 3rd at 6pm EST.

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