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Introducing Re-Boot Camp Sponsored by Wells Fargo at Valuation Expo

As an appraiser, have you ever wondered what exactly the lender was looking for in your appraisal? This year at Valuation Expo you can find out just that! We spoke with Rick Langdon Chief Residential Appraiser at Wells Fargo and 2015’s Valuation Visionary to find out more about the involvement of Wells Fargo at Valuation Expo this year.

RickLangdon-copyRick Langdon is the Chief Residential Appraiser for Wells Fargo Bank. Rick has a total of 35 years involved in the Appraisal industry. He has spent the last 30 years with the bank beginning as a staff appraiser and is now responsible for production, service, appraisal quality, and training. He trained countless appraisers nationwide as the World Savings National Appraisal Training Manager, and has been instrumental in the development of numerous innovative educational courses. Rick is a General Certified Appraiser, and has appraised in Colorado, California, Florida, and Texas.

Buzz:  Rick, Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about the Wells Fargo “Re-Boot Camp” at Valuation Expo this year. We are also excited to announce that Wells Fargo will be a Platinum Sponsor of Valuation Expo this year? What will that entail?

Rick: We are truly excited to play such a big role in Expo this year in Baltimore. We will be offering six sessions, approximately 2 hours each, taught by leaders from our staff appraisal group. These sessions are FREE to any appraiser who has signed up for a full conference pass. We have identified areas where we believe appraisers will benefit from additional training and positive interaction with our team. At Wells Fargo, we are dedicated to forging strong relationships with appraisers.

Buzz: Rick, what topics will you cover?

Rick: These are subject to change but here is our plan-

  • Technology and the Appraisal Process
  • Comp Selection- Making and Supporting Adjustments
  • High End Homes
  • Solving for the Complex
  • Comment Writing/Effective Communication
  • Appraisal Review

Buzz: Rick, it sounds like Wells Fargo is focused on appraisal quality issues. Please share what appraisers might expect.

Rick:  We are calling these pre conference sessions “Re-Boot Camp”. This training is not just for new appraisers, but for seasoned ones as well. We are trying to close the communication gap between lenders and appraisers. As a lender, we will benefit as much as appraisers from this open dialogue.

Buzz: Will Wells Fargo also have a booth at Valuation Expo?

Rick: Yes, we are truly excited about the opportunities that Valuation Expo provides us. Anytime we can engage appraisers one-on-one we benefit. We recognize that Valuation Expo attracts exceptional appraisers with a desire to earn new clients. We hope you will consider meeting with us there.

Buzz: What else do I need to know?

Rick: These sessions are purely to be considered training sessions and an opportunity to learn what we see as general areas of deficiencies. They will not be approved for credit hours (Valuation Expo offers 14 hours of CE – see Valuation Expo for approval information in your state). You must have a full conference pass to attend and there is no additional fee to attend these sessions. You may choose attend a morning session and an afternoon session, on a first come first serve basis.

Buzz: Join us on June 29th for our preconference “Re-Boot Camp”. Register today and enter code Re-boot for a $100 savings. This code only applies through April 15.

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