Thursday , 21 January 2021

Kevin Grant

Kevin GrantName: Kevin Grant
Company: Fairway Appraisal Services
Location: Brookfield, WI
Years Appraising: 12

My name is Kevin P. Grant. You could definitely call me a small-town guy, having been raised by a pair of pretty amazing parents in the small town of Sheboygan, WI. I majored in Business and Finance at the University of WI-Milwaukee. In my personal life, I enjoy building a life, spending time, and traveling with my great love, fiancé, and best friend Brandi. I am very close to my family; my parents-Donald and Mary Grant, and my sister-Michele. My nephew and niece, Joey and Katie, bring lots of joy into my life! I am the owner and developer of Fairway Appraisal Services, based in Brookfield, WI. With the love, support, and encouragement I’ve received from my closest loved ones…I was able to build Fairway Appraisal Services into an extremely successful business. In addition, I developed a couple of other strong businesses as well. As a 12-year residential real estate veteran, I have represented many lenders, home owners, and appraisal management companies throughout my career as a certified residential appraiser. The success that I have worked very hard to build is no coincidence, in that I strategically put together and trained a team at Fairway Appraisal Services, that is extremely client centric. We go the extra mile to make sure that the client receives the most accurate, efficient, and complete appraisal possible each and every time. I consistently keep myself and my staff updated/educated in industry changes, USPAP, and our clients’ needs.

Nominating statement:
Kevin Grant consistently delivers accurate and complete reports. He is a pleasure to do business with and is very knowledgeable. In addition, Kevin is responsive, completes assignments on time and is always tactful and professional. We have always found Kevin to be honest in all regards. For all of these reasons and more, he serves as an example of what an appraiser can aspire to be.

How did you get into the appraisal industry?
I started out early in my real estate career as a real estate agent. Through a realty connection, I was invited to give appraisal a try, as a residential appraisal trainee. It quickly came to my realization that real estate appraisal was way more suitable to who I am. With an education & background in business and finance, I’m able to relate to each party involved in the appraisal process. Each step of the appraisal process is related to both business and finance. On each appraisal that I sign my name to, I consider the business and financial significance to all parties involved.

What do you like most about being an appraiser?
The things that I like most about being an appraiser are:

  • the independence & freedom that being an appraiser provides, through allowing the appraiser to be their own boss
  • the opportunity to make the career as big as I can imagine it being
  • the connections & relationships that are built within the real estate community

What is one thing you do or have done to make the appraisal profession better?
I feel that I make the appraisal profession better by taking the time to make sure that my team and I always consider all parties involved in each appraisal we accept. Most importantly, ensuring client satisfaction with every product that I deliver. As appraisers, always keeping these concepts at the forefront of our work, improves the appraisal profession all the way around. Without client satisfaction, we have no business!