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By Rob Chrisman

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We’re in the midst of state fair season, and with it all the wonderful organic health food. Have you tried deep fried butter? Have a hankering for fried beer? Always wanted to try Wisconsin’s “Fat Elvis on a Stick” or the king of fish: walleye? Here’s a list of amusing state fair offerings. Bank News and M&A The new Comptroller of the Currency said the OCC has the authority to grant national bank charters for non-deposit taking fintech companies for special purpose charters . He said the OCC has not yet received any fintech applications, but would do so if such companies were interested in the charter. Varo Money will become the second fintech (after SoFi) to try and become a bank, as it seeks a charter from the OCC. JPMorgan has partnered with PayPal to allow Chase…(read more)

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