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“The little things make a difference”

Valuation Expo has noted that it is the place to learn, network, and prosper. Providing different speakers, topics, and vendors at each show, Valuation Expo, offers a unique view of what is going on behind the curtain from regulators and industry leaders. The Appraiser Coach, Dustin Harris, was kind enough to broadcast his podcast live during the show to allow participants to share their thoughts. Dustin spoke with some seasoned veterans in the industry as well as new appraisers just entering in the field. There were a lot of first time attendees at this event, and below is a glimpse of some of the conversations from Valuation Expo.

Rick N. from Las Vegas, NV has been appraising for over 31 years. After not being able to attend Valuation Expo in the past due to prior commitments, he finally took the time to make it work in his schedule. Rick stated that this was his first time attending Valuation Expo, when asked why he is here today, he said “I have really been excited to come, I think it’s great to meet people face to face with people that I talk to on the phone.” Dustin asked Rick with all his experience in the field, what is one helpful tip to provide to others, Rick said, “the little things make a difference.”

Mike D. from Michigan, stated this was his first time attending Valuation Expo also. His reaction: “very impressive, a lot of different companies…, and you meet a lot of new people all over the country.”

Jerin H., didn’t really know about it until maybe last year and decided to attend. When asked what he thought of the event so far, he stated that he wanted to “Meet some of my peers, talk to some of the government guys and see what’s really going on…”  “Definitely a top shelf event and I highly recommend it.” Jerin was sitting in on the continuing education and stated there was:

 “…A lot of knowledge to take back to the office, a lot of new ways to do things, especially what the regulators want you to do.”  “I find it hard to talk to appraisers locally and I like to hear what they are experiencing and learning from each other.”

Craig S. spoke on why he decided to attend: “My main goals were really networking, seeing what we can learn from other people in the industry, and the technology, I saw some very interesting products last night from some of the vendors!”

Listen to Dustin’s full podcast here about what others had to say regarding the conference.

Dustin also spoke with Joan Trice on the future of the appraisal industry. Right after Valuation Expo, Joan gave testimony in front of the Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance. Dustin and Joan spoke of some positive change for appraisers in the future. Joan noted that the industry needs a “heathy housing finance system that actually works and is scalable.”

Further in the interview with Dustin, Joan goes on to say:

“We have a new administration I think there is a real possibility that we can see some appraisal reform. If you want to modernize the process and streamline it, you have to simplify it too…. We need to put the ‘value’ back into appraising.”

To hear the full conversation between Dustin and Joan Trice on the future of appraising, click here.

Mark your calendars for the next Valuation Expo in Orlando, FL, March 18-20, 2017. “Make appraising great again,” and hear from chief appraisers on how they rely upon the appraiser to estimate value and report risk. The continuing education panels will provide a look into the appraiser’s current role and how that role is changing and will explore ways appraisers can utilize technology to discover the facts, statistics, and other critical data used to form their opinion of property value. For a schedule of events, click here. Save 20% off any pass, use code:  EXPOFL, code valid until December 14th, 2017. Register Today!

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