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Make Your Connections Count

Valuation professionals are always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. Thanks to technology advancements they are able to easily achieve that goal. With programs like Clearbox, lenders and AMCs are able to access the history of a new appraiser joining their panel. 

Joan Trice, CEO of Clearbox has recently put on a new hat to better the future of the industry.

Buzz: Typically, Joan, you are interviewing yourself about the valuation landscape at this time of year. This year the Buzz team wants to hear about you and what is going on at Clearbox.

Trice: Yes, I used to wear two hats. Now I have put the day-to-day management of Allterra Group, and all of its business lines, with Crispin Bennett. My focus is now on Clearbox.

Buzz: Why the change in focus?

Trice: It’s simple. Clearbox was established almost 8 years ago but to me it still feels like a startup. It never got my full love and attention, yet the opportunities are tremendous. We are a vendor management platform that is a central repository for credentials. Watch for us to grow beyond appraisers into other participants in housing finance.

Buzz: Back at the beginning, appraisers pushed back on background checks, right?

Trice: Yes, that was the case. Like anything else that is new, appraisers were resistant to change. And some of it was warranted. When an AMC or lender demands that an appraiser complete a background check for them and they only receive one order from them a year, there is push back. That is why we created a central repository for all credentials. The appraiser completes an “approval package” and they can share their profile with our subscribers or prospects who are not a part of our ecosystem. It is really simple to use. And saves the appraiser time and money.

Buzz:Seems like in a slowing market your business will expand.

Trice: I believe it will. Our goal is to connect good appraisers with good clients. It is a simple formula. We are bringing on new subscribers as fast as we can onboard them. They are all seeking to build a panel within Clearbox. Those appraisers seeking to expand their client base who are registered in Clearbox will have opportunities to grow their client base.

Buzz: What else is on the horizon?

Trice: Not sure yet. We want to expand the offering to appraisers and make the Clearbox appraiser experience better. That is why we created this short survey. We want to hear from appraisers. We need to know what they want and need to help them grow their business.



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