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MBS Day Ahead: The Fed Effect at Home and Abroad

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Bonds were weaker into the March 16th FOMC meeting, but that marked a turning point It also marked a turning point for European bond markets, which have, in turn, helped US bond markets extend the rally Now today, we get more detailed information on how the Fed came to the March 16th conclusion This also serves to clear up any confusion about where Yellen stands compared to the rest of the Fed In yesterday’s recap, I mentioned that the global bond market rally was reinvigorated 3 weeks ago after the FOMC (Fed) Announcement. Now today, we get the Minutes from that Fed meeting. Connecting the dots, if that Fed Announcement was important enough to make global financial markets shift noticeably, getting a more detailed account of how the Fed arrived at its conclusions should also have the potential…(read more)

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