Wednesday , 6 January 2021

Mortgage Coach Driving TCA Tool Through Arch MI

Mortgage Coach has completed an integration with Arch Mortgage Insurance Co. whereby Arch MI RateStar on-demand pricing has been added to the Mortgage Coach platform, enabling loan officers to quickly educate borrowers on the impacts that mortgage insurance has on closing costs, monthly principal and interest payments, and total payments over the life of a loan.

Mortgage Coach’s total cost analysis (TCA) presentation is designed to improve mortgage borrower conversions by giving lenders a tools to compare and share loan options. LOs can easily request current Arch MI quotes through Mortgage Coach for loan scenarios and side-by-side cost comparisons of options like monthly and single-premium MI.

“The addition of instant Arch MI quotes clearly enhances originators’ presentations using Mortgage Coach technology that today’s home buyers are comfortable with,” says Will Vickers, Arch MI’s vice president of industry technology. “Borrowers will be able to make more informed choices when they use a TCA and review scenarios for loans with mortgage insurance competitively priced by RateStar.”

The Mortgage Coach Arch MI integration is now available to any lender with access to Mortgage Coach Enterprise Edition and an active Arch MI master policy.

Photo: Will Vickers

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