Mortgage Rates Vary by Lender; Small Moves on Average

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates didn’t move much today on average, but some lenders were noticeably better or worse compared to yesterday. It’s not that they were confused about which way markets were moving, simply that yesterday afternoon brought a significant amount of volatility. Some lenders were able to adjust for that by the end of yesterday while others were still catching up a bit today. The net effect is that 3.875% remains the most prevalently-quoted conventional 30yr fixed rate for top tier scenarios. Some of the more aggressive lenders are still offering 3.75, while others The fact that rates were unable to capitalize on yesterday’s decent improvement is very important . It lets us know where the focus is for the bond markets that underlie rate movements. Rather, it confirms that focus is where…(read more)

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