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New tools for your appraisal business

Technology is changing the way the appraisal industry is run. As an appraiser, are you keeping up on all the latest tech to help you do your job better? Stay on the cutting edge of the profession with these new apps and products.

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Appraisers in smaller shops know that in addition to actually doing appraisals they have a lot more to keep track of with invoicing, payroll, processing payments and accounting. Wave is a product that was built specifically for businesses with less than 10 employees. Over 2 million small businesses are already using Wave to manage their finances. Appraisers can take advantage of Wave to save time in their busy days by using their automatic banking, receipt scanning and remote collaboration tools. Wave’s handy dashboard helps you keep track of outstanding invoices and make sure to get the payments you are owed. The best part about Wave is that the basic tools are completely free. Start managing your finances the smart way and signup at or download the app from your mobile device app store.

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Appraisers spend most of their day filling out forms. Canvas is an app that allows you to convert any paper form into a digital questionnaire that you will be able to complete in a fraction of the time and share immediately with your office or send back to your client. Canvas allows you to capture signatures, take pictures, confirm GPS coordinates and process payments right from your mobile device. Canvas has friendly staff that can walk you through the process of converting your forms and 78% of clients are able to get their forms converted from paper to digital in less than a day.  Get set up today and try it out completely for free with their 30-day free trial at

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Social Media is a great way for appraisers to promote their business. Appraisers can promote their company through the different social media pages and reach an audience they would never have met through traditional marketing campaigns and most of it is completely free. The problem with so many social media options is the time it takes to manage the different services and posts. Buffer is a program that will allow you to set up your posts to go out to all your different social media at the same time or at a scheduled time. Instead of having to spend most your day copying and pasting a message you can send it to all of your accounts with one click. Create a robust social media presence in a few minutes at

Leica Disto D2Leica Disto D2 with Bluetooth
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The Disto has been an essential tool for most appraisers for quite a while now. This year Leica Geosystem has completely remodeled their D2 model and it now includes a Bluetooth sync option to send measurements directly to your app or mobile devices.

The new D2 model is accurate to 1/16th of an inch and the whole device weighs less than 4 oz. The simple backlit LCD display offers just the information you need without too much clutter. If you would like to find out more features about the new model visit .

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