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The Allterra Group has recently launched a new venture, ThinkRegs. We were able to speak with Ashley Hammond, Director of Online Education, and ask her some questions about the ThinkRegs’ mission in the valuation industry.

Buzz: Ashley, Tell us about www.thinkregs.com and the intended audience.

Ashley: We recently launched ThinkRegs to introduce webinars and compliance training to the lender and AMC audience. Our webinars and training series will focus on providing a “best practices” approach on policies and procedures that are relevant in real estate appraisal, valuation and collateral risk issues facing the industry.

Buzz: Do you have any offerings available specific to appraisers?

Ashley: While ThinkRegs is specific to the lender and AMC audience, we do have a parallel universe for appraisers on www.allterraonline.com. All of these topics are focused on practical application and solutions to challenges facing appraisers today.

Buzz: What is the most recent ThinkRegs webinar you would like to announce?

Ashley: Peter Gillispie, formerly the Deputy Director of Home Valuation Policy Division at FHA, has developed a webinar on Desk Review Protocols for FHA Appraisals based upon the new FHA Handbook that was just released on March 18, 2015 and will be in effect June 15, 2015. It doesn’t get any better than that—Pete is the expert and the content is hot off the presses.

Buzz: Will you be offering something for the appraisal community on the new FHA Handbook?

Ashley: Yes, we have an FHA course that is going through the approval process now that will be available to appraisers on the Allterra Online website.

Buzz: What other webinars are available for lenders and AMCs on ThinkRegs?

Ashley: Other webinars on the ThinkRegs site include a Best Practices for Fee Panel Management, presented by Joan Trice. This webinar provides an understanding on why background screening is essential and what vendor managers, chief appraisers and compliance officers should consider in their policy and practices.

We also have a Dodd Frank and Interagency Guidelines Update webinar. This webinar, presented by Tony Pistilli examines the impact on the lending practices and appraisal process after the December 2010 revisions to the Interagency and Evaluation Guidelines.

Buzz: Thank you for taking the time to talk about ThinkRegs. We are looking forward to seeing more content at www.thinkregs.com

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