Reengineering the Appraisal Process, Revisited

The third print edition of the Appraisal Buzz magazine is now available. Changes come at appraisers a mile-a-minute these days, it’s hard to distinguish fact from rumor. All you can do is stay informed and continue to hone your skills to meet the demand of an ever-evolving landscape. In this issue we focused on planning for the future and helping you grow professionally. You can test your knowledge on Fannie Mae guidelines and regulations with our pop quiz or check out the tech buzz on tools for the entrepreneur.

Article Highlights:

Reengineering the Appraisal Process, Revisited
Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? Joan Trice provides some insights and solutions for the Appraisal Process.

Be “READDY” to Retire!
We all want to be prepared for and comfortable in our retirement, but how do we get there? Kim Magaha shares a few tips to help you get ready to retire.

G’Day from Down Under
What is the Australian appraisal landscape doing differently? Brendon Hulcombe shares some “secrets” on what the U.S. appraisal industry can do to be more successful.

De´ja Vu
Jeff Rauland has spent time on both sides of the fence, in the corporate world and private industry. He compares fantasy versus reality and how you can find balance.

Scope Creep
What lax standards caused; unreasonable standards will not cure. Lee Trice discusses appraisal reports and finding a more effective way to manage collateral risk.

Becoming a Big Fish in a Small Pond
You want to be considered the only one who does what you do. Jodi Pries talks about how to develop a niche business.

Why all the Fuss about Independent Contractors?
Nanci Weissgold and Morey Barnes Yost explore why you need to know if you are an independent contractor or employee.

Valuation Expo November 2016
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