Wednesday , 6 January 2021

Robert Schiff

Robert Schiff

Name: Robert Schiff
Company: Broadway Appraisal Service
Location: Freehold, NJ
Years Appraising: 18

Robert Schiff is a life-long resident of New Jersey.  He was raised in South Brunswick.  Bob attended Stockton State College near Atlantic City. After graduation, Bob’s career started in sales. He eventually made the decision to join the appraisal industry, allowing him to grow both personally and professionally.  Bob currently resides in Freehold with his wife of 25 years, their two daughters and three dogs.

Nominating statement:
Mr. Schiff is a positive force in the industry and always takes changes in stride in a positive and professional manner. He has trained appraisers throughout his career and is held in high regard by his partners and those he has trained. He is dedicated family man, the type of person that is steady below the radar but always supportive of his family as well as his co-workers. He and his wife are known for always helping out if there is a need within the community.

How did you get into the appraisal industry?
I owe my career to my college roommate. He started appraising with his father and uncle in their business 32 years ago, right out of college. My career in appraising started when he shared his passion with me.  When I ultimately decided sales was not the path I wanted to follow, I began pursuing the appraisal industry. After approaching him about apprenticing and spending time with him, his father and uncle in the field, I knew I had found my life-long career.

What do you like most about being an appraiser?
Being an appraiser gives me the opportunity to run my own business the way I prefer. I have the flexibility which allows me to enhance my home life, while providing a needed service for the community. I enjoy solving complex assignments as it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

What is one thing you do or have done to make the appraisal profession better?
I have always maintained relationships with my peers. This assists appraisers in my area in sharing knowledge of market trends and appraisal methodologies. It also helps keep a level of consistency within the industry.