Ryan Campbell

Name: Ryan Campbell
Company: OnPoint Appraisals
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Years Appraising: 11

Ryan began pursuing an appraisal career in 2003 where he apprenticed with an established appraisal office in Scottsdale, AZ. In 2008 Ryan branched off and started his own firm “Ryan Campbell Appraisals.” In late 2015, company growth dictated a change in direction and Ryan Campbell Appraisals became OnPoint Appraisals. OnPoint has since progressively built a successful residential appraisal company. His staff and office is located in downtown Gilbert, AZ.

Nominating statement:
Ryan gets the idea of bringing new blood into the business. He has mentored and trained more than a handful of appraisers. Part of the mentoring process is demonstrating and passing on what it means to be a true professional and a successful partner to all involved within the appraisal industry. A leader by example with an entrepreneurial spirit, his ‘practice’ is instilled into the minds of the next appraiser generation.

How did you get into the appraisal industry?
One of my best friends was already pursuing his appraisal license when I discovered the profession. I was immediately intrigued at the thought of being a “specialist” in a field where there is already so many loan officers, real estate agents, home inspectors etc. I liked the idea of being different and an expert in the field of real estate. Around the same time I realized I knew of a real estate appraiser that frequented where I worked. I politely badgered him for a year and a half to take me on as an apprentice. He convinced his brother, Philip Reichl, to give me a chance. I will forever be in debt to Phil; he went above and beyond any reasonable expectation in his efforts to make sure my training was adequate. Thanks Phil if you are reading this; I can never repay you but will always appreciate you.

What do you like most about being an appraiser?
I absolutely love speaking to the general public, homeowners, real estate agents etc. about the profession. Most people have assumptions about what an appraiser does (myself included prior to becoming an appraiser). I give a 60 minute PowerPoint presentation about appraising to anyone who will listen.  I’ve been extremely lucky to have NOVA home loans invite me quarterly to speak about the appraisal process to their agent clients.

What is one thing you do or have done to make the appraisal profession better?
Membership & Support of the professional appraisal organizations when I can: AI, COAA, NAA etc. all do so much for the profession. I am pursuing my SRA designation this year; the Appraisal Institute members have welcomed me, thanks Dale. Also, Ann Susko with NAIFA & COAA deserves a shout, she is so involved and always trying to improve the profession for all of us.