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How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business

Social Media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods available to appraisers. It not only increases your business’ awareness but also increases its recognition. A majority of today’s consumers first reference a company’s online presence which includes their website and social media. Social media allows you to increase your sales with little to no cost. In today’s society, Social Media Marketing is a key element for success. Why has the Appraisal industry moved slower than others in adopting this new tool?

In today’s Buzz we are taking the time to show you how Social Media Marketing can help your Appraisal business grow.

1) Brand Awareness

First, you will need to create a social media presence for your business. You can begin creating your pages through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. It can either be a company page or a personal business page.  Creating a social media presence builds your reputation as a business or as a professional. Social Media allows you to reach a network you never thought was possible. Every share, like or comment is another new connection you are interacting with which can eventually result in a bigger clientele.

2) Improved Search Engine Rankings

Your social media page is profile, and you already have a website. While having a social media page may not increase search engine rankings, the traffic you are receiving to your social media sites, high-quality content you are posting and including keywords results in a higher search engine ranking. This means when someone types in the search bar “local appraisal companies”, yours will likely be included on the first page of results.

3) Relationship Building

Social Media is a quick and easy way to stay engaged with other professionals in the industry and allow them to interact with you! Current news, topics, and conversations all take place on Social Media. The interaction allows you to stay relevant amongst your peers, thought leaders and policymakers. Your input can generate a new lead for your business or even assist with a problem. This can help you gain media coverage, speaking opportunities at events and create a group of support.

4) Reviews

Reviews are huge! People trust people, especially when it comes to online reviews. Have you ever not purchased an item online because you saw several bad reviews? Or on the other hand, have you ever been swayed to a different item then you originally intended purchasing because of the positive reviews customers provided? Making relationships with the home-buyers, contractors and other professionals in the valuation industry can only increase your chances of being referred or landing on a new lenders panel.

5) Your competition is being social, so why shouldn’t you?!

Did you know that 90% of businesses all have at least one social media platform? Social Media is not a trend, it is a FREE marketing platform to generate more business for you. Your competitors may be getting to your customers first. Social Media is a fair playing field and allows you to find customers you never knew existed.

So, when should you be using Social Media?

Lending isn’t Local

When Lendors are searching for new appraisers they want to check your credentials. Platforms like LinkedIn allow you to update your experience, references, and certifications online. Your information will be made easily accessible to Lendors.

Conversational Topics

Many new changes have been recently brought to the Appraisal industry such as new training programs, educational requirements, and policies. It is okay to politely share your thoughts on your business page to seek the opinions of your peers. It can develop a positive conversation which may help each other adapt. This circles back to Point 3 (above) as to how Social Media can help build relationships.

Sharing Current News

Sharing articles, blogs and videos from other pages is a great way to bring attention to your page, help you stay knowledgeable and help your followers learn. Once you get the hang of it, you can even begin posting videos you’ve created. You are not the only person who has ever faced a dilemma and through your Social Media platform, you gain the opportunity to learn and network with others.

There are endless opportunities on Social Media and it continues to develop. Through videos, promotional ads and private groups, the doors to success are always open. It is a fun and exciting way to stay communicative in the industry and continue to meet new clients.

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Melissa Candolfi
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