State-level Changes to Licensing, Servicing; Capital Markets

By Rob Chrisman

Posted To: Pipeline Press

The U.S. Treasury Department recently issued a report titled “A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities-Banks and Credit Unions.” In addition to recommended changes for the CFPB, the report devotes substantial attention to the residential mortgage industry – from the primary to the secondary markets . Hey, and if one tires of U.S. mortgage regulations, you can always buy a mortgage lender in…Australia, like KKR did today . State-level Changes “Amok originated from the Malay/Indonesian word meng-âmuk, which when roughly defined means ‘to make a furious and desperate charge.'” When lenders complain about federal regulation and oversight, at least, in theory, it originally came from one source and is uniform across the 50 states. But when a multi-state lender…(read more)

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