Subservicer Review; Changes to Conventional, Conforming

By Rob Chrisman

Posted To: Pipeline Press

August already? Time flies, and we live in an age where we must prove to machines that we are not machines. What about watching artificial intelligence devices (robots create their own language that humans can’t understand? Scary stuff. Fannie and Freddie, LP, DU, Conventional Conforming Updates Stock owners in Freddie and Fannie are a dogged group and they took great interest in a new document helping the argument for shareholders that the government lied when began to sweep all of Fannie’s profits. We all thought that Fannie was in a “death spiral” and this was necessary to hasten the wind-down of their business, yet Tim Geithner said that Fannie will be earning strong revenues and can support the 10% dividend for years into the future. GSE reform is an ongoing project , and probably will…(read more)

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