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The Modernization of Appraisals: Becoming Trusted Advisors

Bifurcation continues to be a contentious topic in our industry. Often, appraisers worry about the quality of inspections when using a third-party, but I often remind them that we already rely on the inspections of others. We rely on information from appraisers we do not know more often than we think; we receive information from desk or field reviews as …

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A Perspective on AVMs

“Metrics Matter” is an article written by Doug Gordon, former Director Collateral Valuation and Risk Management at Freddie Mac. Mr. Gordon led the Home Valuation Explorer (HVE) team, one of the most robust and tenured automated valuation models (AVMs) in the market. Paraphrasing his research and paper, he argues that lenders must understand the Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) of the …

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Black Box Ethics

The recent uproar over the new Goldman Sachs issued Apple card has thrown some shade on algorithms. What decisioning criteria was used to discriminate against women? So far, Goldman has not been able to respond in a way that makes sense. Apparently, they will only allow you to apply with your husband in the future. Is that a solution? Shame …

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