Saturday , 28 November 2020

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Words Matter

When it comes to social media, it’s easy to spot a comment or status that will make you say, “I can’t believe they said that for the world to see.” What can make it worse: when you notice it’s a professional company that has made the remark. It can be difficult seeing something like that and not judging, especially if …

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How the New “Gig Worker” Law Affects Appraisers

This article was modified from an original post on and can be found here. What is AB-5? Appraisal firms and appraisal management companies utilizing independent contractor appraisers in California, as well as any California appraisers working as independent contractors themselves, should get familiar with Assembly Bill 5 (AB-5) – California’s new “gig worker” law that aims to curb the classification …

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An Interview with American Enterprise Institute

The Eighth Annual AEI-CRN Housing Conference will be taking place October 16th – 17th. This free event is happening in DC; hear the latest insights regarding AEI’s (American Enterprise Institute) housing data, the appraisal process, market trends, and more starting October 16th. Unable to make it to DC? Watch the livestream of these events directly on your computer. This two-day …

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Is Your Data Getting the Job Done?

Appraisers face the challenges of insufficient data for their appraisals at all times. More often than not, there could be comparable sales information that the appraiser isn’t even aware of. While many rely solely upon MLS content for information, GeoData Plus offers more to the appraiser. We sat down with Erik Wind, President of GeoData Plus, to further discuss his …

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Looking Ahead at the Industry


Is the residential appraiser doomed? Over the past 35 years that I’ve been an appraiser, I’ve heard that residential appraisers are going to be replaced within the next five years. With improved technology, the accumulation of “Big Data,” combined with changes proposed by the GSEs in the risk analysis associated with value, it seems significant changes are just around the …

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Drones Take Flight for Appraisals

Drones enhance an appraiser’s ability to inspect a property. Not only can an aerial drone show more of the property, it is also relatively inexpensive to use and can contribute to a safer working environment. Aerial drones provide easy access and viewing perspectives that are impossible to replicate from ground-based shots. Aerial inspections of a property using a drone have …

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Understanding Federally Related Transactions

What is, and isn’t, an FRT, and why does it matter? Federally Related Transactions (FRTs) are a commonly misunderstood aspect of the appraisal regulatory system. According to A White Paper on the Federal Banking Agencies’ Arbitrary and Capricious Efforts to Exempt the Vast Majority of Federal Real Estate Related Financial Transactions from Title XI of FIRREA’s Appraisal Reform, published by …

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What’s Happening at Appraisal Buzz

Appraisal Buzz Newsletter and Magazine always has something fun and new happening! Here’s a summary of our ongoing projects, upcoming meetings, soon-to-be published materials, and more. Make sure to like, follow, and subscribe to Appraisal Buzz on social media to stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve. Collateral Risk Network Membership The CRN is composed of lenders, technology companies, rating …

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