Saturday , 17 February 2018

TRID v Customary and Reasonable Fees

By Josh

This past week, I had the opportunity to discuss TRID with appraisers, lenders, and AMCs when I attended and spoke at the Appraisal Summit and Expo. Clearly, there are misunderstandings of this lender disclosure rule. A few basics about the TRID rule (TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure): The lender must disclose the appraisal fee to the […]

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Joshua Walitt
Joshua Walitt, SRA, MNAA is the Compliance Manager for Property Interlink, an appraisal firm and management company. He oversees procedures, training, licensing, audit, appraiser independence, and review functions. He is currently a Director on the Board for the National Association of Appraisers and the Candidate Guidance Advisor Co-Chair for the Colorado chapter of the Appraisal Institute. Prior to joining Property Interlink, he provided fee appraisal and consultation services to lenders, attorneys, management companies, and private parties. In 2013, he was the appraiser member of Colorado’s AMC Rulemaking Taskforce. Walitt designed the Market Machine in 2015, a market analysis and regression modeling tool used by appraisers throughout the U.S.. He also provides valuation consulting for international applications. He writes for industry publications, designs and presents education courses, served as a valuation hearing officer, and speaks at regional, national, and client conferences.

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