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TriMavin, a California based nationwide appraisal management company, is growing and seeks to build new relationships with certified independent appraisers. At TriMavin, we value our partnership TriMavin_172with each and every appraiser we do business with and work hard to create an efficient and effective appraisal experience for interested parties.  Our team is dedicated to providing friendly and professional support.

We offer competitive compensation, prompt payment, along with various appraiser programs with benefits ranging from weekly pay schedules to limited status inquiries for panel appraisers and a full line of health benefits, paid vacation, education reimbursement and more for our exclusive staff appraiser positions.

We are actively looking for independent certified appraisers to join our team as Panel Appraisers or Staff Appraisers in the following markets:

•    Minnesota •    Hennepin County, MN
•    Idaho •    Denver Area, CO
•    Hawaii •    Portland Area, OR
•    Loudon County, VA •    Alameda, CA
•    Fairfax County, VA •    Contra Costa, CA
•    Sonoma County, CA •    San Mateo, CA
•    Santa Barbara County, CA •    Hillsborough, FL
•    Imperial County, CA
•    Fresno County, CA
•    Rutherford, TN
•    Sumner, TN
•    Wilson, TN

We’d love to hear from you! To join our team please send your resume and contact info to the specific contact below & reference “Appraisal Buzz” in your inquiry.

We look forward to our future business partnership with you!


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Appraisal Buzz Staff
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