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USPAP, Whats new for 2018?

Stephen Wagner, 2018 President Elect of Appraisal Instituite will be joining us at Valuation Expo to host this years pre-conference USPAP on March 18th. This 7-hour course is sponsored by Appraisal Instituite on March 18th.

USPAP attendees must bring their own 2018-19 USPAP Book.  Appraisal Institute is providing the Student Workbook and lunch. Explore historic Charleston, SC and be a part of the event every valuation professional needs to attend.

Buzz: Tell us a bit about your career and how you began instructing USPAP?

Stephen: I started my appraisal career in the late ’80s with my father-in-law. We were in business together for approximately 17 years, performing both residential and non-residential work. It was during that time that I earned my SRA designation in 1994. In the early part of 2000, I began teaching pre-licensing courses. In 2002, I was in one of the early AQB USPAP Instructor Certification courses, and I have been teaching USPAP ever since. In 2003 I was a senior partner in REsource, LLC, in Indianapolis, where I did both residential and commercial work for approximately 5 years. During the time with REsource, I obtained my MAI designation. Later I was the chief appraiser in a regional bank for over seven years. Today, I am a senior appraiser in the firm of Terzo and Bologna in Indianapolis and focus primarily on commercial and right of way work. Currently, though, as an officer for the Appraisal Institute, most of my time is spent concentrating on efforts for the membership and the profession.

Buzz: Although USPAP is a requirement for Appraisers, why is it so important for Appraisers to stay engaged throughout the course?

Stephen: First and foremost, for the appraiser’s own comfort! Having the occasion to discuss USPAP/appraisal-related issues in a classroom environment is an opportunity. Not only can we network with other professionals and benefit from each other’s experiences, but we can be reminded of a variety of standards issues and how to deal with them. When you know how to operate effectively within standards, you can help solve numerous valuation problems for numerous clients and users.

Buzz: What is the number 1 thing Appraisers can take away from USPAP?

Stephen: Problem identification flowing to scope of work. While appraisers have significant responsibility in determining the appropriate scope of work, we also have flexibility in what we do on the way toward credible assignment results. Because of that flexibility, there is a myriad of ways in which we can provide some really meaningful service to users of valuation services.

Buzz: You are instructing the 7-hour USPAP Course this year at Valuation Expo. How do you think this course will differ from other courses?

Stephen: I view the 7-hour course as an opportunity. A theme that will emerge early on is that the changes will not have significant impact on appraisers for their day-to-day work. But nevertheless, there are changes to the 2018 USPAP we all need to be aware of. And, the 2018 USPAP publication has several new FAQs and changes to Advisory Opinions that could be helpful for appraisers.

Buzz: Are you excited to attend Valuation Expo?

Stephen: No doubt! I am looking forward to the prospect of moderating a discussion panel on “Appraisal Policy and Procedures.” In addition, as a platinum sponsor, the Appraisal Institute is committed to, and looking forward to, networking with Expo participants. It will be great to see old friends and meet new ones as well. Several AI representatives will be on hand for just that purpose.

Buzz: What are you looking forward to most at Valuation Expo?

Stephen: I am excited to be there and start making memories anew. We live in interesting times, and being able converse with our peers on valuation issues like regulation, the graying of the profession, experience and other topics is always an occasion that I look forward to.

Sunday March 18th
8:30 – Sign-In
9:00 – USPAP Begins

Register for USPAP here!

Stephen S. Wagner, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, of West Lafayette, Indiana, is the 2018 president-elect of the Appraisal Institute. He will serve as president in 2019 and immediate past president in 2020. He also will serve on the organization’s Executive Committee and on its policy-setting Board of Directors… read more


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