Valuation Expo Las Vegas 2017 Wrap-up

Valuation Expo started off with a somber tone this year in light of the tragic events in Las Vegas. While we are thankful the appraisal community and Valuation Expo attendees were uninjured in the attacks, we all felt for those who lost their lives in the shooting. Ernie Durbin started off our conference with a moment of silence and a prayer for all those directly affected.

This year Valuation Expo featured a new pre-conference meeting called Lenders Live. These 45-minute sessions allowed appraisers to meet face-to-face with lenders and discuss what they are looking for in their appraisers and appraisals. Lenders represented were US Bank, Wells Fargo, Flagstar Bank, Pacific Union Financial, UBS, and Union Bank. Ryan Campbell of AZ told us.

“Attending the Lenders Live event was informative and allowed me to hear from my customer’s point of view. I registered for several direct lender appraiser panels, learned of possible future opportunities, and even networked with several appraisers from other parts of country. I can see this event growing even bigger in the future as a unique Q&A session between two parties that normally don’t have direct interaction. This is a great opportunity for eager professionals to connect one-on-one for professional growth and even a possibility of direct lender engagement panels of appraisers.”

Valuation Expo officially launched with our opening reception Monday night in the trade show area. Attendees were able to meet and greet each other over food and drink. Our new mobile app was a huge hit which allowed attendees to scan each other’s badges and add contact information directly to their phones. The 5th annual cornhole tournament sponsored by Computershare Mortgage Solutions was a crowd favorite this year. Jordan Wilde of Centric Technology Solutions and Steven Crellin of Wells Fargo were our Champions this year!

The Conference began on Tuesday, Oct 2nd with our Keynote speaker Ed Parsons of Google who discussed some of the new geospatial technology and what appraisers should be expecting from technology in the near future. Zach Dawson of Fannie Mae and Scott Reuter of Freddie Mac also discussed the state of the appraisal industry in their presentations on the keynote panel. Tom Larsen of CoreLogic rounded out the keynote panel by discussing natural disaster appraisals and catastrophe risk management.

We announced our first ever Valuation Expo Most Valuable Appraiser award winner Rick Hiton. After the award ceremony Rick told us:

“I want to thank Joan Trice, Valuation Expo, and the CRN (Collateral Risk Network) for this prestigious award of Most Valuable Appraiser 2017. The reception and award ceremony was amazing. Also, I want to thank the Accurity Valuation team that came to the conference for support of the award.”

Other panels included Emerging Issues, (Mis)Aligned Incentives in the Appraisal Process, and Collateral Matters. We want to thank all the informative speakers who presented on these topics. The trade show was busier than ever as we had one of our highest attended shows. Aqil Ahmed of ValueLink Software mentioned that:

“It is a great event to build relationships, learn about industry challenges and showcase the solutions we provide.”

While Ryan Rube of CoreLogic said:

 “This is a very well organized conference. Plenty of potential and existing customers come from around the country to network and get the knowledge of current market trends.”

Finally, we finished off the conference with one of our biggest Appraisal Bee prize giveaways ever! We had over 30 prize giveaways below are our winners and what they took home.

Winner – Prize – Sponsor

Chris Kujawa – All-Star Team Membership – The Appraiser Coach
Carola Bock – Yeti Travel Mug – CoreLogic
Pat Callison – Yeti Travel Mug – CoreLogic
Lynn Kennedy – iPad air – HouseCanary
Joe Zazzetti – iPad – Treasure Valley Factors Liquid Edge Financial
Daniel Mulewich – Appraisal Institute Library Collection – Appraisal Institute
Benjamin Smith – $100 and Appraiser Trainee Collar – AXIS
Michael Manganaro – Amazon Echo – Springhouse
Kara Campbell – 40” Smart TV – Clearbox
Ross Rhoten – Disto D2 – InhouseUSA
Wayne Nicholson – $150 Amazon Card – DataMaster
Mathew Barnes – Amazon Echo Dot – Target Pro Insurance
Mary Ann Barnes – Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – SFREP
Tony Pistilli – Taste of Canada Gift Basket – ANOW
Joseph Weidinger – $50 Gas Card – Bradford Technologies
Melissa Meija – Amazon Echo Show – Norman-Spencer Agency
Jon Reese – $100 Amazon Gift Card – Dwellworks
Susan Dilbeck – Beats by Dre Headphones – Solidifi
Angela Sullivan – $100 Visa Gift Card – LIA
Linda Beatty – Amazon $150 Gift Card – ValueLink
David DePaco – Disto D2 – TSI Appraisal
Tyler McLung – Google Home – Validox
William Sanders – iPad – FASDraft
Joseph Rodriguez – $100 Staples Card – intercorp inc.
Todd McIntosh – $250 Best Buy Gift Card – ServiceLink
Wes McDaniel – $100 AMEX card – ieImpact
Marion Dilbeck – $100 AMEX card – ieImpact
Rose Henigman – $100 AMEX card – ieImpact
Jerry Yurek – $100 AMEX card – ieImpact
Paul Ryll – $850 Samsung Smart TV – ACI

We would love to thank all of our sponsors and attendees again who made this such an amazing show. If you would like to join us for the next event we will be in Charleston, SC March 19th-21st.


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