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Wells Fargo Talks Valuation Expo, Lenders Live

In 2017 we launched a brand new pre-conference session for Valuation Expo. These sessions called “Lenders Live” allowed appraisers to meet and learn from key decision makers at the nation’s top banks. We received such a great response from the speakers and the attendees, we decided to include it in our upcoming Expo at Charleston SC on March 19th. We sat down with Karin Trost, one of the VP Valuation Managers at Wells Fargo to talk about their experience at the last show and give us a preview of what to expect in Charleston.

Buzz: Why did Wells Fargo decide to participate in Lenders Live in the first place?

Karin: We were excited when we heard about this opportunity to get in front of appraisers and talk to them in person. I really feel that real estate appraisers have one of the best jobs and it is a great opportunity to meet with them and talk about what makes our jobs so great. We were also are looking for the right appraisers to add to our panel. Meeting current and future panel appraisers face to face is a great way to learn about the appraisers who do work for us.

Buzz: What was your favorite thing about being at the Expo in Las Vegas?

Karin: I enjoy talking to appraisers at these shows but I also enjoyed listening to the continuing education and hearing from the thought leaders about the direction of the industry.

Buzz: What is one thing you hope to accomplish in Charleston?
Karin: I am excited to meet new faces at the show. I want to discuss quality in appraisals, and what we are looking for in our appraisers. I also want to hear from appraisers about items they think can be streamlined in the appraisal process and how communication between the lender and the appraiser can be opened up.

Buzz: What is one of the benefits for appraisers to attend Valuation Expo?

Karin: Appraisers should attend not only to find new clients but also to speak with some of the top people in the industry is an experience you will not get anywhere else. Appraisers should take the time and get in front of these lenders.

Buzz: What are you looking forward to most about Valuation Expo in Charleston?

Karin: I love the experience of Valuation Expo but I also am excited about the fact that it will be hosted in Charleston. I love the town and I will be excited to spend some time there.

Buzz:  Thanks so much for sitting down to speak with us. We are looking forward to Lenders Live this year and we can’t wait to see you there.

To find out more about Lenders Live click here!


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