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What are You Thankful For? 

It’s that time of the year where we sit back and enjoy the company of our family and friends while reflecting on the year that has passed. We asked the appraisal community what they were thankful for, whether it was related to the profession or not. Here were some of our favorites:

J. Stratton, Safford, AZ:

“I am very thankful that my area is out in the middle of the Arizona desert. It’s about 125 to 200 miles from any metropolitan area. Every order is a challenge; unusual property, very limited number of offerings for sale or closed sales, comparables that are either next door or up to 35 miles away, sometimes the next county 50 miles away, very large adjustments, a lot of commentary, and etc. No cookie cutters here, thank goodness. Happy holidays everyone from the Arizona desert!”

C. Harris, Castle Rock, CO:

“I am thankful for so many things. A stand out for thanks are my valuation friends and peers who have become family over the last decades. We get to learn, grow, and navigate through change together with collective support and respect. I couldn’t ask for a better work family.”

M. Evanko, Mentor, OH:

“This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the blessing of the beautiful baby girl we added to our family in early August. She has brought me and my family so much joy these past few months and we are looking forward to the Holiday season ahead of us. Happy Thanksgiving to all and a Merry Merry Christmas season ahead!”

M. Foil, Payson, AZ:

“To all of you who are appraisers, I appreciate what I have learned from so many of you over the years. It has been an interesting and challenging journey. After opening Foil Appraisal in May of 1973, just out of school and having never done or watched anyone else do an appraisal, I am shutting the doors this week. Getting ready to turn 70 and wanting some free time from the computer, I am retiring from appraising. For this opportunity, I am very thankful. I am also very thankful for a loving wife, great kids/grandkids, and most of all, a God who gave all for us and calls us to give all back to Him. I wish the best for all of you.”

K. Connolly, Cincinnati, OH:

“I’m thankful for the appraisers and all the other hard working family owned businesses that support our economy and their families through dedication and perseverance. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you get a few well deserved days off to be with the ones you love.”

G. Tolksdorf, Marquette, MI:

“I’m thankful for the ability to share a home office with both my husband and my dog! I’m thankful that we get to set our own hours and don’t have to attend meetings! Having spent many years in a different career working on a schedule that was dictated by others, wasting a lot of time in meetings, I know just how lucky I am now.”

J. Zella Christopher, Temecula, CA:

“I am thankful for a profession I love that may help save my hubby’s life. We are currently working on a plan for his retirement from a government job that won’t be enough for us to live on. If he works with me, we can up my production and he won’t have the stress of the two-hour commute (one way). I am thankful to be with him for 37 years. I am thankful for my kids who drive me crazy! I am thankful for where I live, it’s such a beautiful place! I am thankful for appraisal education in fun areas as we use those as mini vacations and a tax deduction. Thankful for all the wonderful travel we have been blessed to do.”

C. Marie, Chicago, IL:

“I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful to work for an outstanding Appraisal company with flexibility, great pay, and plenty of work. I am thankful to be able to go instantly online (Facebook) with work problems and have great appraisers willing to provide solutions and their experience! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

K. Smith, Marquette, MI:

“I’m grateful for an awesome mentor who has given so freely their hard-earned knowledge & guidance!”

C.R. Accardi, Haverhill, MA:

“I am thankful to be in a profession where I can support myself and it allows me to travel, be healthy, and enjoy my life. 35 years now and I still love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

T. Meyer, Rockford, IL:

“I am thankful for work and being self employed. I am thankful to be heading home to Pennsylvania to see my Mother who has terminal cancer. I am grateful we will have one last huge family Thanksgiving dinner together.”

K. Pugh DeFilippis, Decatur, AL:

“I am thankful I am healthy, getting stronger, happy, and content. I am thankful for my family and EVERY appraiser friend, colleague, and mentor. I am thankful that I can set my schedule around rush hours. I am thankful I don’t have to work for stupid people. I am thankful that the person who gets to waste my time is ME. I am thankful I can travel around the world whenever I choose. I am thankful for Hershey kisses and peanut butter. I am thankful for my children and my granddaughter. Without them, I would be lost. I am thankful for Netflix and Amazon Prime. I am thankful for sweet neighbors. Finally, I am thankful for my constant companion, a Boston named Sam.”

Here at Appraisal Buzz, we’re thankful for our readership and our cartoonist, Jerry King, who always makes us laugh. Happy Thanksgiving!

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