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Lenders Live was recently announced for Valuation Expo. These preconference sessions are 45 – 60 minute sessions set up so appraisers can meet with lenders face to face. In case you missed it Monday we interviewed Tony Pistilli of Pacific Union Financial.  Appraisal Buzz was lucky enough to interview another Lenders Live presenter to discuss how he will be using his time. We sat down with Ken DeFeo, Director of Residential Appraisal Services at Pacific MUFG Union Bank, N.A., to discuss his bank’s participation in Lenders Live at Valuation Expo and what people can expect during the preconference sessions.

BUZZ: Ken, thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your participation in Lenders Live. You have participated with Allterra Group in their appraiser events in the past. Can you tell us a little bit about why they were so successful for both the appraiser and the lender?

KEN: Every lender has their specific set of guidelines they would like the appraiser to follow and our success was educating to those guidelines. Within an open forum each appraiser was able to ask questions and get an answer, producing positive results. If we are all on the same page it makes everything easier on everyone.

BUZZ: How will the Lenders Live sessions differ from other appraiser events?

KEN: The Lender Live sessions will allow each appraiser to talk to different banks/lenders to ask question and get their perspective on guidelines. This is a big win for an appraiser who does business with any or all of those institutions. I also think that even if you don’t do business with them it is an opportunity to let them know you are interested in working with them. Every appraiser at some point wants to ask a question and feels like there is no one to reach out to. Lenders Live is their chance to ask a question and get an answer in person.

BUZZ: Can you tell us a little about how you plan on using your time during the pre-conference session and what appraisers should expect?

KEN: I look at Lenders Live as an opportunity to allow any one on our panel, or interested in being on our panel, to ask questions and meet some of our staff. Communication is a great thing and spending time with those you interact with sometimes opens those doors of commination. It is nice to put a voice and a face together and Lenders Live is that chance.

BUZZ: Do attendees for your session need to bring anything with them?

KEN:  Just a smile and some questions. I want to meet you and hopefully you feel meeting some of our team is a benefit too. We promote open lines of communication and this is our chance to create dialog and hopefully clear up any issue or confusion you may have about our guidance or even our thoughts on industry standards.

BUZZ: What is the #1 reason appraisers should attend your session?

KEN:  Opportunity. There are not many chances for any of us (you and me) to get to meet and talk since we are all so busy. It’s nice to have this type of an environment to socialize as it is so much different than our normal day to day.

BUZZ: Thank you Ken for your responses. Appraisers really can’t afford to miss this opportunity in conjunction with Valuation Expo on Oct. 2nd. For anyone who would like to register or find out more CLICK HERE.


About Ken DeFeo

Ken DeFeo
Ken has been in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry for the past 21 years with extensive experience in Loan originations, Servicing and Default. At Union Bank, Ken has been tasked with improving visibility around appraiser quality. Prior to joining Union Bank Ken managed vendor relations and quality control for Chase servicing and default. As part of the Executive Management Team at BNC Mortgage, a Lehman Brothers Company, Ken was the SVP of Appraisal Operations. During his years as a senior level manager, Ken helped to drive expansion through technology while keeping a focus on quality. During the same period, according to statistics provided by the Lehman Brothers trading desk BNC’s loan loss severity was better than the industry average by 10%. Ken is a graduate of New Hampshire Technical College.

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