What is Lenders Live?

Valuation Expo is offering a brand-new feature to benefit both appraisers and lenders called Lenders Live. It is a pre-conference session providing an opportunity for Banks and Lenders to meet with appraisers face-to-face. The Banks and Lenders will discuss what they are looking for in their appraisals and what appraisers can do to work with them directly.

The pre-conference sessions are split up into 45-minute to 60-minute sessions where appraisers can meet with different Lenders and learn about their company. Valuation Expo attendees can attend every session or just sit in on specific ones. Seating is limited and is on a first come first serve basis for these sessions. These sessions are not for continuing education credit but to increase both the lenders’ and appraisers’ knowledge.

9:30 - 10:30          US Bank
10:45 – 11:45         Wells Fargo
12:00 – 1:00          Flagstar Bank
1:15 – 2:15           Pacific Union Financial
2:30 – 3:15           UBS
3:15 – 4:00           Union Bank

Appraisal Buzz interviewed Tony Pistilli, Chief Appraiser at Pacific Union Financial, to discuss his bank’s participation in Lenders Live at Valuation Expo and what people can expect during the pre-conference sessions.

BUZZ: Tony, thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your participation in Lenders Live. You have participated with Allterra Group in their Appraiser Events in the past. Can you tell us a little bit about why they were so successful for both the appraiser and the lender?

TONY:  When we first did the Appraiser Events in 2012, the initiative was designed to build awareness among appraisers in the bank’s top markets and to provide continuing education. It had the added benefit of creating a bond between appraisers and the bank and years later the events are still remembered as some of the best CE appraisers have taken.

BUZZ: How will the Lenders Live sessions differ from other appraiser events?

TONY: This is a gathering of lenders that will allow appraisers to meet with them in one place and get a better understanding of what lenders in general are looking for.  There will be a wide variety of very topical and relevant appraisal content – where else would appraisers be able to meet with so many different lenders, face to face, and be able to ask questions?

BUZZ: Can you tell us a little about how you plan on using your time during the pre-conference session and what appraisers should expect?

TONY: I would like to use the time to have a discussion with appraisers about how to best work with lenders directly and AMC’s.  Appraisers will hear what kinds of things are most important to their clients; things like, service expectations, updating system messages, timely revisions, quality appraisals, etc.  I also hope to hear from appraisers about what they like and dislike about their clients so we can make changes to have a positive impact on their experience working with Pacific Union Financial.

BUZZ: Do attendees for your session need to bring anything with them?

TONY:  It’s always good to bring a notepad and pen along with a business card. Beyond that, bring a few questions to ask to start the discussion.

BUZZ: Thank you so much for your time today. We can’t wait to see your presentation in Las Vegas at Valuation Expo on Oct. 2nd. For anyone who would like to register or find out more, you can CLICK HERE.


About Tony Pistilli

Tony Pistilli
Tony Pistilli is the SVP, General Manager of Valuation Services and Chief Appraiser for Computershare Valuation Services, LLC. Tony oversees the valuation business, including Traditional Appraisal, BPO, Inspections, Data and Analytics and Hybrid Appraisal. He is also tasked with introducing innovative and compliant valuation products and industry leading solutions to the marketplace. Tony has over 25 years of real estate appraising and lending experience with national banks, mortgage companies, a federal agency in addition to being self-employed as a fee appraiser. Tony is a member of several appraisal industry organizations and is a subject matter expert for the Appraisal Foundation in the area of declining markets and previously served as vice-chair of the Minnesota Real Estate Appraiser Board. Tony is an AQB certified USPAP instructor and holds a certified residential appraisers license.

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