Thursday , 19 September 2019

What’s That Buzz in Your Mailbox?

The latest edition of the APPRAISAL BUZZ magazine is now showing up in mailboxes all across the country. The theme of this edition is Opportunity Awaits. We have articles to help appraisers, AMCs, and lenders grow in every aspect of their business. These valuable and helpful discussions range from preparing for the unexpected, to rural appraising, and even a conversation on the growth of data-driven models, along with much, much more.  Here are just a few of the articles that are a must read

Facing Fraud by Jonathon Green
As long as you follow the rules and are an ethical appraiser you never need to worry about fraud, right? Find out first-hand from Jonathon Green as he talks about his harrowing story of fraud and how other people committing fraud can still impact the appraiser who did nothing wrong!

A New Way of Appraising by Rachel Massey
Just because the 1004MC isn’t required doesn’t mean you still don’t have to analyze the market. Rachel goes into depth on how you should be documenting this information without the use of the 1004MC.

Channel Your Inner CEO by Dustin Harris
Many appraisers live paycheck to paycheck working long hours. Dustin has some tips to help appraisers think like a CEO by hiring the right people and streamlining the work processes.

Re-Imagining Appraising by Michael Bradley
What is in store for the future of appraising? Michael Bradley of Freddie Mac discusses how artificial intelligence, big data, and humans working faster with the speed of technology will change the industry.

Read all these articles and more in the latest edition HERE.

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